Why us?

We're a tiny team of web developers from the US. We take pride in our ability to transform business requirements into well-tested, functional, and modern software for a fair rate.

Who are we?

Meet our small team.

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Nicholas Ramsey

Software Engineer


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Jordan Ramsey

Software Engineer


Our Principles

Here are some of the values with which we approach development.


Software development is more than writing code. Our attitudes toward the practice were heavily influenced by The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship and Sandro Mancuso's The Software Craftsman.

Complementary to Agile, The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship describes four essential practices:

  • Not only working software, but also well-crafted software
  • Not only responding to change, but also steadily adding value
  • Not only individuals and interactions, but also a community of professionals
  • Not only customer collaboration, but also productive partnerships

We demonstrate these practices not only through our work, but also our open source contributions, forum activity, and the content we produce individually.


Partnerships are not permanent. We are intent on leaving behind easily understood and well-documented systems, such that the team who ultimately replaces us isn't stumped. In short, we have no interest in producing artificial complexity to retain control of a project.


We strive to make our products, services, and information accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities, in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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